The crux of this political vision is major economic investment in the development of public works, a la FDR’s New Deal. Unlike the New Deal, these policies are geared toward today’s highly mobile and racially diverse service economy, and aim to address social injustice, climate change, public health, and migration.


This involves the conversion of prisons, detention centers, closed public schools, and nonrenewable energy production centers into homeless and asylum seeking shelters, public housing, public healthcare facilities, public elderly care facilities, and green energy production centers.

Job Creation
  • Construction (Conversion of Facilities)

  • Healthcare (Nurses, Doctors)

  • Public Defenders (Migrant Shelters)

  • Green Energy (Wind, Solar, etc.)

  • Education (Teachers for Adult Retraining)

Job Prioritization
  • Those Wrongfully Impacted by the Justice System:

    • Migrants Persecuted Under the Trump Administration

    • Drug Crimes, Wrongful Sentences, etc.

    • Teachers and Students of Closed Public Schools

    • Prison and Detention Workers 

    • ICE Officials

    • Coal Workers

    • Oil Workers

Economy, Jobs, & Labor
  • Universal Basic Income

  • Job Creation Through Public Service Investment

  • Home Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Workers

  • Universal Minimum Wage (American Factories Abroad, Citizens and Noncitizens Domestically)

  • Student Loan Forgiveness

  • Incentivized Retraining for “Abolished” Sectors

Civil Rights & Criminal Justice
  • Prioritize Public Jobs for Those Impacted by the Legal System

  • Abolish the Prison Industrial Complex

  • Abolish ICE

  • Ban Assault Weapons

  • Legalize Prostitution

  • Decriminalize Opioids

  • Legalize Marijuana (Federal)

  • Abolish Homelessness

Democracy & Governance
  • Election Day as a National Holiday

  • Automatic Voter Registration

  • Automatic IDs

  • Abolish the Electoral College ]

  • Votes for All, Regardless of Criminal Background

  • Comprehensive Overhaul of Gerrymandering System

  • Facilitate Collaboration Between the Social Sciences and Policy Makers

  • Universal Healthcare

  • Legalize prostitution

  • Decriminalize opioids

  • Legalize Marijuana (Federal)

  • Public Elderly Care

  • Green New Deal

  • Transition to 100% green energy

  • Federal plastic bag, straw tax

  • Adult Education

  • Retraining of:

    • Prison Guards

    • ICE Officials

    • Coal Workers

    • Bilingual Public Education

    • Free Public College

Family & Social Cohesion
  • Migrant Sponsorship (Canadian model)

  • Public Elderly Care

Foreign Policy
  • Reduce Defense Spending

  • Reallocation of Military Priorities To:

    • Public Works

    • Defense Against Climate Change

    • Abolishing Genocide

    • Veteran Care

  • Migrant Sponsorship (Canadian model)

The Black New Deal
  1. All debt associated with obtaining a post secondary education shall be forgiven and the cost of attending post secondary educational institutions shall be recalculated immediately. The cost of no degree shall rise higher than 10% of the 5 year (entry level) expected value of said degree. We propose this formula until higher education is free. 

  2. All individuals charged with a crime involving marijuana will have their records expunged and will be given free licenses to produce and/or sell marijuana in their respective state.

  3. A reparations plan for descendents of Slaves must be implemented by 2024. 

  4. Opportunity youth (defined as people between the ages of 16 and 24 who are neither in school nor working) may participate in a gun amnesty program which will allow them to turn in their guns for a $10,000 sign up bonus to join the United States Armed Forces. We will partner with the Armed Forces to ensure that no ASVAB is required to join and, if necessary, youth can obtain their GED/High School Equivalency Certificate while serving their first year. Youth and/or young adults with felonies may be employed as recruiters for this program if they are not permitted to serve. 

  5. Each federal agency must house an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion office which will be tasked with ensuring the fair, culturally compotent, and anti-racist engagement of said office. Not witholding other powers, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion office may halt the implementation of activity by a federal agency if said behavior is deemed harmful and ill considered (i.e. the labeling of activists peacefully protesting acts on their very existence as "Black Identity Extremist" by the FBI)

  6. The Black Education Research Group (BERG) shall be established and conduct applied, rigorous research and produce quarterly reports that may be leveraged for the purposes of quality control in districts where minority/historically disenfranchised student (i.e. Indigenous, Black, Low-income) academic achievement is below grade level.

  7. An infrastructure plan must be implemented which includes the immediate replacement of all lead pipes, prioritizing low-income and communities of color.  

  8. A clean and safe communities campaign shall be established. We will help high school students start two businesses (1) a waste company and (2) a security service. The former will keep the streets clean and the latter will watch over the streets at night. Students will learn how to start and operate businesses and community members will be gainfully employed. 

  9. We will eradicate the racial wealth gap and gender pay gap. Considering the former, we will help Black families buy homes via financial subsidization (1/3 of the racial wealth gap is in home ownership; we must address the legacy of redlining). Considering the latter we will provide legal services so that individuals may sue (at no expense to themselves) companies that pay minorities and/or women less pay for equal work. 

  10. Incentives and tax-breaks shall be provided to community members looking to start business (i.e. gas stations, banks, liquor stores, cleaners) in the communities which they live, priority will be giving to community members within underserved, low-income and/or communities of color.

  11. Black communities will serve as sites for integration. Not, displacement or gentrification. The incorporation of refugees, migrants, and White identified individuals will aid in diversifing and unifying the country. Black communities will lead by example and accept all people, not at the expense of Black people but to the benefit of all people. 

  12. Historically underserved and disenfranchised communities will have weekly lawn services provided. Every yard will be serviced unless opted out by the homeowner. This will provide consistent beautification to spaces historically ignored.